MLC comparison with Denbigh Master including specifications for upgrade

Denbigh MasterFile/FeatureMLCFile/Feature



Tables in MLC 

Tables in Denbigh

Extra Fields in MLCLayouts in MLCFunctions in MLCCommentsRequirements


All new theme

PTI (Parent Teacher Interviews)

Parent Portal Compliance

Documents Archive

Parent Portal Management

Sean added this...

MainMenu -MLC Databases

Usual customisation of Form Class for Tutor group.

Different tabs on right.

Extra buttons for timetables rooms Availability (for calendar)

Maze Data (integration)

Timetabled Rooms availability

Library Attendance and Library Reading connected to the Attendance Front Counter. (being used)

Admin user

Staff Email Table

HOY Table

MLC extras table

Class Supervision Details

Room Availablity ....

MLC Laptop form

Export Menu

Export Students and Parents email addresses for found set of current students

Resource Centre Data

Full Contact Details for found set 

Admin Tasks

SMS data Sync Update from Oasis

Denbigh Focus

Full Web enabled teacher module

Student, Staff, Community, Family, Classes/Courses data.

Parent teacher Interviews, Roll Marking, Markbook School Reports, Discipline/Behaviour, Events/Excursions entry.

My timetable, bulletin and My reminders

Timetabled rooms Availabity

Work Experience

Multiple Print functions

Email Work Supervisors

Full print functions for  Printing Parent Approval Form or Staff Information Forms for Students and groups of students.

Development Office

Community Relations (in MLC)

Functions (very customised) and Letters

(clubs is groups)

Print Menu - Find Functions

Print Functions

House Number Summary (6- 12 and 9 -12)

MLC Lesson supervision Instructions

Print all houses for  years....

Admin Tasks

Student Movements Move Former back to Future

who gets and email when student enrols

End of year functions

Add lessons to Calendar for rooms

Community Resolution function

Student Projections

Compliance Module - Daily Churn Enrolment Summary

Enrolment Summary Export

MLC Enrolment Summary report (looks same as Master)

Registration Waiting Summary

based on the extra field in Futures.

Need to remove any Boarders in the reports.


No use this module but would be  available using your old File

New Calendar Module

Transfer timetables to Calendar 

email timetables to staff or students calendars.

Old Calendar


Individual addresses

New Email table for multiple email addresses

WWCC fields and alerts

MCR tab


Field ABS area.Linked to enrolment stats.

Many different fields


Use Parent1 and Parent2

Addresses per person in family 

Communications control per parent

Print Master List

Print Update Form (can be sent to PDF and emailed

Envelopes labels


Email and SMS functionality


Emergency Contacts for Excursions not used.

Business Directory (not used) and PP Logs

Enrolment Enquiries

Multiple students

Notes fields 

Email functionality

All data imported to Main Database to create Family and Future Students

Tour fields

Many Marketing options

Functions (tours) details

Many more fields

Functions data

Future Students

New Comms list

Visa Fields in Master.

Family uses Parent 1 Parent 2

Future Students Archive table (move to archive table)

Extra Miscellaneous Fields.

Agat table

NAPLAN results

Functions (link) for tours

Many layouts designed inhouse for letters and mailouts.

Current Students-

New features

Comms list

Emergency contacts per student

View PDF attachments

New Class Enrolment log function

Push timetables to calendar

Different timetables for different year groups (campus)

Added fields for Enrolment details for Compliance Reports

Correspondence - Letters and Emails to Students and cc parents and to parents for current or found set of records

Emergency Contacts per student

Academic - Internal/External Test results

Primary Tracking

Medical health Plans

Print Menu

Laptop details

Accelerant, Pathways, Exchange student flags

Captain flag and Captain text fields

Privacy Consent

Extra Notes tables

Student, Confidential, Teacher Notes, Studies, MCR/Admissions, Suspensions, Apollo, Learn Portrait, Careers Uniform, Interview JS Letters.

Learning Support data

Performance tab

LET referrals

Medical - Observations


Denbigh Master

Markbook Module

Updated with many new features Creation of A+ to E- grades, pushing all marks to reports.

Current Student - GPA graphing, report PDF'S, more internal and external test results. Primary school tracking results.

Reports - yearly comparisons per subject

Discipline Module creation and counts per class for infringements

New function for Staff to be able to create discipline records per class for any number of students

Students with Disabilities module

Transport tab - Busses and permission to drive passes

Census Tab

Current Student Print Menu

Former Students

Extra Hosts/ Guardian

Add new Former Student function


MCR tab



Archive Data



Family Tree and Find Records with Family Tree



Staff Details added funcitonality for staff codes and dates

VTR functions

Staff Positions functions

Professional development functions

WWCC functions

Employment details/positions functions

Print funtions

HR tab 

EOD tab

My faculties/Departments

Faculty Department List


Assessment Task




Staff Absences - Updated functionality

Recurring Absences

Period absences

View timetable when selecting cover

Email covers

Staff Professional development

Staff can add their own single Professional develop

HR create the group Professional development

Staff Confidential - Positions held

New Modules - Events/Excursion Module

Incidents Reports


Student Absences

Extra Curricular

Current, Music Sport Group Roll Marking options

Fields for Meeting days/times, Location.

Classes File - New functionality for adding a Tutor group to a class

2nd teachers for reports and classes

IB, Ext (External), JS, MS Flag types

Learning Needs field (not sure if used)

Academic Reports - Many new features - all now linked on reporting period id (no longer the reporting period name). Can view up to 3 previous reporting periods
Always report layouts are fully customised.

Academic reports are always customised.

Server Script functions for speedier creation of the reporting periods.

Markbook - more funtionality and quicker calculations using A+ to E- pushes to academic reports.

Finance - will be updating to a new API next year to have automation between MYOB and Denbigh Debtors

Fully Customised per client
References - More survey questions

New Modules

Coming Soon...

Denbigh Dashboard

Student Profiles at a glance!

OnLine Enrolment Form

New Auditing Module

DateDetails Attachments

Permission Groups

Other Considerations
  • "Install" the new Denbigh Master 
  • Apply existing configuration data
  • Configure academic reports, etc
  • Map existing community data fields (including custom fields)
  • Export data from our version of Denbigh
  • Import data from our version of Denbigh
  • Verify data import has been successful
  • Run tests to verify that changes to the Parent records and communication "rules" will correctly e-mail, print, etc when reports, PTI, SMS, etc is used by staff (this is a critical control point for us due to the complex nature of varying family arrangements)
  • Re-import any data that may have been entered into the old Denbigh system and verify the import is good

Implications to consider
What is the best way to test processes such as sending Academic Reports as PDF's, setting up PTI sessions, sending SMS's etc, without actually having the communication get to the parents/families in question?

Integration Considerations

MLC Databases.  


Database Name




Science Equipment

Used by Science dept (Mary Correa) to track all science equipment and chemicals


I believe this is not currently used

Groups Admin

Co Curricular Admin – Stores all students enrolled in extra curricular activities. Allows emailing to parent and/or students for each individual group. Allows data to be easily sent to finance for billing. Allows on line roll marking for individual groups and lists attendance details for individual students. Allows moving a group of students to extra curricular groups or an excursion. Lists students by date of enrolment for groups with waiting lists. Pocked recommendations, approvals and distribution has been automated.

Private Music Tutoring - I believe this is not currently used.

ESS Database

Stores gifted and support information and strategies for relevant students. Not currently widely used.


Allows excursions to be created and administered online. There is an approval process which includes the creation and approval of a risk assessment document through to a final sign off by the HoS. Parents give their permission online via the parent portal.

Also caters for sports excursions and sports contracts with offer optionally additional parent responses.

JS, Music, Studies and Admin Letters Databases

Used to create and print/PDF form letters. Similar to the mail merge function in Word. Not currently widely used.

D.A.R.E. Reading Challenge

Used by Junior School students in years 3 to 5. Uses WebDirect to allow students to open in a web Browser and record readings they have completed. They are required to read books/articles from a pre defined list of categories. Teachers can then log in using Filemaker Pro to administer and check the readings. (Carol Campbell)

Visitor Register

Runs on 2 laptops in the school. 1 located at the senior school reception and the other at the junior school reception. Records visitors entering the school, prints the cards for visitor lanyards and allows the receptionist to view and contact visitors on site in case of emergency. Also includes graphs that indicate the number of visitors by week, month or year.

ACER Databases 2014 to 2018

A separate database for each year, 2014 to 2018, that records and tracks scholarship applications.

Online Forms

Purchase Orders – Allows goods and services orders to be created online and follow a process for approval before being emailed to the vendor.

Professional Learning Applications – Allows for the creation of professional learning applications online and follows a process for approval, bookings and payments.

Catering Orders – Allows event and function catering orders to be created online and follow an approval process before being forwarded to the canteen for implementation.

LIN Interviews

Allows the LIN (Learning in Numeracy) test to be completed online and results displayed on the Student details page. Not currently widely used.

LIEN Interviews

Allows the LIEN (Learning in Early Numeracy) test to be completed online and results displayed on the Student details page. Not currently widely used.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Allows interview schedules to be created and administered online. Parent book their interviews via the parent portal. Denbigh have their own parent teacher interview module that will replace this database.

Vehicle Bookings

Allows MLC vehicles and buses to be booked online.

Bus Request Forms

Allows teachers to book buses for the transport of students.

Report Graphs

Creates the graphs used in academic reports.

Enrolment Statistics

Shows live enrolment numbers and forecasts for future years.

Enrolment Statistics Reports

Produces statistical reports using enrolment statistics and enquiry statistics.

Parent Portal

Allows parents to be able to view and change information online using WebDirect. Uses AD for authentication. Information parents can change or view includes: Parent personal data, student personal data, student addresses, student medical information, student timetables, teacher contact lists, emergency contact details, excursion permissions, parent teacher bookings and parent contact list permissions. Denbigh has their own parent portal the will presumably replace this database.

Student Bus Trips

Records student journey information for the morning and afternoon bus trips to and from school. Parents pay in advance to use the bus service. Allows finance to reconcile journeys against payments to find student who use but have not paid for the service. Produces statistical reports each term showing the number of students using the service. Also longer term statistical reports that show student number comparisons going back to 2014.

Security Guard Bookings

Allows staff to book security guards for after hours functions.

Class Roll Checklist

Used to determine which teaches have not marked their rolls and emails reminders to them. No longer in use as roll marking now done in SEQTA.

Dance Database

Used to record classes in extra curricular dance. This database no longer used. This data is now kept in the Co Curricular Admin/ Private Music Tutoring.

Drama Database

Used to record classes in extra curricular drama. This database no longer used. This data is now kept in the Co Curricular Admin/ Private Music Tutoring.

Pre Kinder Reporting

Previously used to produce pre kinder academic reports. No longer used.

Monthly Absence Statistics

Used to produce weekly and monthly absence reports to Heads of Year and Heads of House. No longer in use as roll marking now done in SEQTA.

Counselling Database

Used to record information of counselling sessions by the school counsellors. No longer being used.

Year 12 Clearance Forms

Allowed students to get an online clearance from all of their teachers before leaving MLC.

Attendance Statistics

Used to produce monthly and yearly absence statistics for the Non Government schools STATS system. No longer in use as roll marking now done in SEQTA.

Broken Hill Reports

Used to create and send to parent a report on a student’s Broken Hill experience. Not currently being used.

Year 12 Formal Data

Allowed the Year 12 Formal co Ordinator to collect required student data electronically. Students would log in to the database using WebDirect to enter their information. This database is currently not being used.

Year 10 Dinner Dance

Allowed the Year 10 Dinner Dance co Ordinator to collect required student data electronically. Students would log in to the database using WebDirect to enter their information. This database is currently not being used.

IWP Roll Marking

Previously used for online roll marking using WebDirect. Now used in conjunction with the Co Curricular Admin database to allow co curricular roll marking via WebDirect.

Laptop Repairs

Used by IT Dept.